The Mt Pisa Vineyard

The vineyard is planted on a 17 hectare property off Swann Road on the terraces of the Lowburn Valley, on the foot hills of the Pisa Range.
The vineyard area was chosen and developed by Greg Hay of Peregrine Wines in 1999.

The vineyard comprises two planted areas:
 “The Bottom Block’’ 2.5 hectares of relatively flat land  planted in the spring of 1999 consisting of half a hectare of Gewurztraminer vines and two hectares of Pinot Noir vines.
“The Hill Block” is a north facing slope totaling 4.26 hectares of Pinot Noir planted over the spring seasons of 2000 and 2001.
Years of conventional farming on this land, along with the extremes of winter and summer seasons allows for ideal growing conditions for the Pinot Noir grape.

The vineyard is managed by Grant Rolston and Gary Ford of Vinewise Viticulture Ltd. www.vinewise.co.nz Underpinning all vineyard management techniques and decisions is the brief from Leigh-Anne and Andrew to always strive to produce the best quality fruit possible.
Water to irrigate the vineyard is drawn from the Lowburn River with its origins high in the Pisa Range.
A wind machine provides frost protection for the Bottom Block. The Top Block, due to its sloping topography, is frost free.
Harvest fruit quality has remained consistently high from season to season and due to its altitude the vineyard is relatively disease free.